About the issues

Bringing a New Perspective to the Council:

This is the first time Gurinder Singh has sought election to any public office.  As your City Councilman, Gurinder will utilize his skills and knowledge he has acquired over the years to bring a fresh, contemporary perspective to the issues and topics that are prominent in the City of Fishers. When it comes to the City’s budget (one of the top priorities of the Fishers City Council), Gurinder Singh will be able to bring extensive business and finance knowledge to the table. Through years of being a small businessman, Gurinder has met payroll obligations and passed budgets, while simultaneously working tirelessly to expand his businesses. He will bring this same drive to the City Council; Gurinder will always make it a top priority to keep spending within the City’s means, while also ensuring that taxpayers receive a fair return on their investments. 

Sustainable and Inclusive Economic Development: 

Along with a fresh and new perspective for the City of Fishers, Gurinder Singh will also set a primary focus on Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Development for all parts of the city. There have been great strides towards a bigger and better downtown Fishers, but Gurinder wants to ensure that there are no parts of the wonderful city (or its people) left behind. One example of economic development that Gurinder would like to see improved during his time on the City Council is a push to rejuvenate the Allisonville corridor between 96th and a 116th street, particularly finding a replacement for the Marsh that recently went out of business in that part of Fishers. Not only will improving the city in its entirety benefit the current Fishers population, but it will also help to provide equal opportunity for recent and future graduates of our great HSE schools. With sustainable and inclusive economic development, HSE graduates will have the opportunity to be able to continue to live and work in Fishers. Along with this, Gurinder will work to push for additional development focusing on higher paying jobs, including employment opportunities offered by Corporate Headquarters, Software Companies, Tech Startups, and Distribution Centers.

Civic Engagement:

Municipal Elections are the lowest turnout elections in Indiana; the 2015 Municipal Election had a historically low turnout for the City of Fishers. Gurinder Singh will make it a significant priority to encourage Fishers residents to participate and engage in local government and elections, no matter their age, race, or location in Fishers. Gurinder hopes by running that he will provide encouragement and inspiration for residents from all demographics to seek office, participate in meetings, and provide feedback to our local public officials. 



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